Beigene Laboratory Warehouse

Provided coordinated shop drawings of plumbing systems including storm, sanitary, industrial waste, domestic water and gas pipe, with hangers and robotic total station field points. Weekly meetings with modelers from mechanical, fire, and electric allowed us to find routs for our systems

FAA Air Route Traffic Control center

Provided routing for new valve install in existing conditions. 

Down time needed to be minimized due to the nature of the facility. We accommodated these requirements by providing spool sheets and drawings with bills of material for prefabbing temporary and new pipe to attach to existing conditions.  using laser scans provided.


Provided a route for new piping and hangers through existing conditions, using laser scans provided. Client used the design to make their own spool sheets and drawings. 

SKAE Data Center

Provided routing of primary/secondary condensing water systems.

 It took extensive design to fit 12" pipe and equipment clearances in an existing mechanical room. Client used the design to make their own spool sheets and drawings.